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Real-Time Collaboration & Data Exchange among the Care Team & 3rd party applications

Care Team Communication

Seamless communication & data share among patient, care team, and family

Clinical Accuracy & Efficiency

Tools to enhance workflows, reduce admin time, and create revenue enhancement opportunities



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Datuit Care Plan Manager

The Datuit Care Plan Manager is designed to bridge the gaps in communication and information between patients, caregivers and clinicians. Built on the SafeIX® Platform that stores all of a patient’s health data in one highly secure location. The Care Plan Manager allows patients, invited clinicians (such as doctors, nurses, dentists, pharmacists and dietitians) and invited family members to work together to define goals, manage treatment plans, reconcile medications and enhance communication by keeping them all on the same page. Clinicians can use the Care Plan Manager to manage complex conditions, deliver useful education materials, and obtain important patient and family caregiver feedback.

Are you a Provider Organization?
Enhance Clinical Efficiency, Improve Workflows, and Enhance Reimbursement Opportunities

The care plan manager incorporates tools and features designed to reduce clicks, automatically reconcile records, and document to meet requirements and reimbursement standards

Easy To Use

Care Plan Manager was designed to improve workflows, reduce clicks, and require zero training to use effectively

Automatic Reconciliation

The Care Plan Manager using SafeIX is designed to integrate with your current systems, and automatically reconcile differences in records

Improve Reimbursement

The care plan managers has features that allow you to take advantage of new medicare codes, rewarding your for work you are already doing

Involve Outside Providers

Invite and work with any providers you choose directly on the platform. Drastically reduce faxes, phone calls, and duplicating records

Invite the Family

Involve the family in the discussion. Allow them a point of contact into your care team that ensures they feel included, and gives them one channel to share with you

Mold to You

Adapt and mold the feature set to work how you work, within your existing teams, and workflows

SafeIX Platform

The SafeIX® Platform is a vendor-neutral data storage solution that aggregates, stores and protects health data. The data can come in or go out via FHIR® API calls, Direct-protocol secure messages or native SafeIX API calls from provider, patient, and healthcare organization devices and apps. The data can be used for multiple purposes by those who have permission to access the data. Developers can utilize the SafeIX Application Platform to develop large and small apps that can automatically share standards-based data so that interoperability is made significantly simpler.


Building a Healthcare APP?
Leverage our technology to bring your app to market

We’ve built a platform that allows developers to leverage our technology, allowing the focus to be on the solution, rather than the backend

Interoperability Covered

Let us focus on the backend - We’ve got a patented data exchange platform using the latest interoperability standards

Flexible Pricing

Our pricing can be based on your revenue, your data use, or your users, whatever works best for you

Leverage our Expertise

We've developed extensive materials and a comprehensive wiki to get you up to speed quick

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